French Market Soup
1 1/2 cup Bean Mixture
1 lb. Echrich Smoked Sausage
1 lb. canned tomatoes
2 tsp. lemon juice or juice of 1 fresh lemon
3 ham hocks
1 banana pepper or green pepper- chopped 
1 large onion- chopped
2 cloves garlic- chopped or pressed
salt & pepper to taste

Bean Mixture:
(Use 1 lb. pkg. each)
Michigan Navy
Black Eyed
Large Lima
Pearled Barley
Split Peas (green)

Rince and drain bean mixture. Cover with water and soak overnight. Cook in same water with ham hocks and onion about 3 hours or until tender. Do not boil hard. Remove meat from hocks and add other ingredients. Simmer 30 to 60 minutes longer. Add water as necessary.


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